The Kingdom is all about romance, tiny pleasures and crazy moments with or without our nearest and dearest. During our quiet times, we sit by the window, we talk about our favorites and everything else

Rewind: Lecture pour Adultes

kingdom-rewind Un titre presque tendancieux n'est-ce-pas ? Et pourtant, s'il s'agit bien de lecture pour adultes soucieux de mieux vivre leur vie et de mieux communiquer. Non, ce n'est pas une nouvelle secte zen associée à un régime macrobiotique qui vous proposera de redécorer votre maison selon les principes du Feng Shui. - lire la suite

Anne of Green Gables Inspired Decoration

anne-of-green-gables-inspired-decoration-7-jpg Hands up, who of you read Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery? For me and any little Polish girl it's one of the first "big" books we read. I still have mine in a beautiful fabric cover. Together with the rest of the series, telling us stories of Ann's grown up life. - read more

5 years

5 years When talking about making a difference, one cannot forget to make some resolutions. Ask yourself a question : where will I be in 5 years from today? How would I love my life to look like? How would I love myself to be like, look like? - read more

Make a Difference

Make a difference The arrival of spring, a symbol of things being born or waking up from a winter sleep, might be a good moment to change our lives, to bring new things in it, to discover something or simply to start enjoying life as it is.Every single day of it. - read more

In the Name of Love D-2

In the Name of Love Saturday is again for my dear Jane. This quote comes from her famous book "Emma". On Valentine's Day, to get very romantic, you can watch some of Jane Austen's classics movie adaptations. - read more