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Reading is Dreaming…

reading-is-dreaming-1 Recently, my blog hero Helene Dujardin, who stands behind one of the most beautiful blogs in the whole blogosphere, Tartelette, released her first book "Plate to Pixel: Digital Food Photography & Styling"! It's absolutely amazing and I can't stop gushing over each and every picture! In a way it's an honor to be able to get tips from such a talented person! - read more

Friday Inspiration

friday-inspiration Hope you have a great day, despite the fact that it’s Friday 13th! - read more

A little about me, a little about you

a-little-about-me Let's play a game, I'll tell a little about me, you'll tell a little about you! Answer the form without thinking too much, it should be as real as can be and true for the moment you're writing. - read more

Lady Elizabeth

Lady Elizabeth "Elizabeth Taylor is one of Hollywood's grates treasures,a talented and courageous woman, who is above all, a survivor. Her story is an epic and an inspiration." - read more

5 years

5 years When talking about making a difference, one cannot forget to make some resolutions. Ask yourself a question : where will I be in 5 years from today? How would I love my life to look like? How would I love myself to be like, look like? - read more